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Maintaining job performance during divorce

Maintaining job performance during divorce

| Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce

When a person is getting divorced in Virginia, the rest of their life does not stop around them. This means that they still need to go to work every day and perform at their job. This is not always easy to do when there is an unfolding legal process and life changes taking place. As a result, job performance may suffer.

It is in an employee’s best interest to communicate to management what is going on so that their boss can place their job performance in context. While the boss may not always excuse subpar job performance, they may be more likely to temporarily temper their expectations. A person needs to have this conversation even if they do not have a close relationship with their boss. Still, they should be careful about bringing their divorce into the office when it comes to discussing it with coworkers.

For most people, it is still possible to maintain job performance during a divorce. The work that a person can do to advance their healing and reconciliation will improve how they fare in other areas of their life. This should go beyond just burying oneself in their job as a distraction from dealing with their issues. While work can be an outlet, it should not become an addiction that is meant to numb the pain of the divorce, which must be dealt with at some point.

Since removing stress from life is one of the keys to divorce recovery, a person should be careful about getting too swamped in the details of the process. Hiring a divorce attorney is one way to begin the healing process more quickly since the attorney may handle the negotiations and the day-to-day filings. The attorney may also help their client move closer to a settlement by setting realistic expectations.

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