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Tips for sharing child custody

Tips for sharing child custody

| Jul 17, 2020 | Divorce

Newly separated parents in Virginia may be struggling to agree on a child custody schedule. Some parents may not want to make concessions to the other parent because they feel like it is letting the other parent “win.” This is an unhealthy mindset; the focus of a custody schedule should be the kids, not the parents. Parents should also keep in mind that, if they are unable to agree on a schedule themselves, a court will do it for them, and it may not be the schedule either parent wants.

If parents plan to share custody equally, they should plan on living relatively close to one another so that the child does not have to worry about a long school commute. They should also take their children’s extracurricular activities into account, when making a schedule, since these activities can cut into time that a child gets to spend with each parent. Parents should ensure that their children are able to continue doing any sports or activities since taking these away from them will only add to the loss they already feel because of the divorce.

If children are old enough and mature enough, parents may want to consider asking their input in creating a custody schedule. Parents do not necessarily need to do what the children want, but it can be good to give them a say.

Some parents may be resistant to a 50-50 custody schedule because they feel like they are the more qualified parent. However, even a parent who normally was not in charge of things like bedtime can adapt when they have the kids in their sole custody. If parents cannot come to an agreement on a custody schedule, they may want to seek assistance from a family law attorney.

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