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Factors influencing spousal support in Virginia

Factors influencing spousal support in Virginia

| Apr 12, 2021 | Divorce

Virginia, just like the remaining 49 states, has its own standards for handling the awarding of spousal support during a divorce. For those who are unfamiliar, spousal support is a type of payment one spouse must make to the other to help offset any major financial change after the divorce process. If you’re currently undergoing a divorce, it’s important to understand whether or not you’ll be awarded spousal support.

Looking at the needs and economic circumstances of each spouse

Spousal support is intended to help a spouse avoid financial hardship due to a divorce. When a married couple decides that they want a divorce, they may work out an agreement for spousal support. This can be done by the lawyers of each spouse. The information regarding the amount of each payment and the life of the payments that will be made can be submitted to the judge for approval.

In the event that you and your partner are unable to work out a spousal agreement, the court will take over doing so. The biggest factors that they consider are the needs of each spouse and the economic circumstances that they’ll be in once the divorce is finalized. The whole point of spousal support is to help ensure that both spouses leave the divorce in a financially stable position.

Why the marriage was dissolved is also important

Virginia family law judges will take a look at the reason why the marriage did not work. This is to assist them in determining fault that may lie on one spouse or the other. For example, a spouse that cheated will be less likely to get spousal support from the other spouse due to their fault in the dissolving of the marriage.

Spousal support is a necessary area of discussion when it comes to getting a divorce. As you’ve learned, Virginia courts take various factors into consideration when determining who and if spousal support is awarded. If you’re currently going through a divorce, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney to help you determine whether or not you’re eligible for spousal support from your former partner.

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