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Drunk Driving

Legal Defense Against Drunk Driving Charges

Penalties for first-time and multiple DUIs in Virginia include fines, fees, loss of driving privileges for various lengths of time, and in some cases, jail or prison time.

Although penalties are lighter for a first-time offense, the real danger of a conviction becomes apparent far in the future. If you have been arrested for DUI for the first time, do not tell yourself, “Well, it’s only once,” and plead guilty to get the case behind you. A conviction on your record is sure to harm you in a number of ways. A second or third conviction, even years from now, might put you in prison for a lengthy sentence and/or cause you to lose your driver’s license permanently.

Remember: Being charged does not mean you will be convicted.

Discuss Potential Defense Strategies With Your Attorney

Your DUI/DWI charges may be your first brush with the law or you may be accused of a repeat offense. Defense arguments may focus on you and your actions that highlight your moral character and unusual circumstances leading to the arrest.

Other defenses might focus on a law enforcement officer’s actions, the integrity of the Breathalyzer or other factors. Did the police officer stop you without cause? Did he or she fail to inform you of your rights before pressuring you to submit to a sobriety test at the scene of the traffic stop or in the police station? Was the Breathalyzer not calibrated or otherwise unfit to render reliable results?

Digging into questions like these will help you and your defense lawyer craft an effective strategy in your defense.

Take The First Step And Then Move Forward Fearlessly

The most promising pathway to a successful defense will begin with a focused consultation with a skilled, dedicated attorney. At Huttar Law PLC, we understand that your priorities most likely include:

  • Staying out of jail or getting out of jail
  • Preserving your driving privileges
  • Minimizing financial losses and other disruptions

If you work with our firm, you will receive personalized counsel aimed at preventing a criminal record that could follow you for years. It is our goal to remove legal obstacles in your life, even extra-difficult ones such as misdemeanor or felony DUI/DWI and other related charges.

Get Answers Now

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