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Family Law

When Family Law Matters To You

Family means many things to many people, but one’s family always matters. In times of transition, personal and interpersonal events that restructure a family have legal dimensions, too.

A marriage, a birth or a death in the family results in legal records known as certificates. Other family changes involve family court orders. Examples of circumstances falling under a family law court’s jurisdiction are a legal separation or divorce, a stepparent adoption and a petition for modification of a child custody order.

Huttar Law PLC assists Virginians through these and other family law matters.

Family Law Solutions You Need

As you approach a family law situation in your life, you deserve to:

  • Understand what it will mean now and in the future
  • Know what to expect from the legal process
  • Receive the right legal information

You also deserve to be heard. This is why listening is the first order of business for potential clients at Huttar Law PLC. Attorney Ryan Huttar pays close attention to inquirers’ hopes, goals and perspectives.

Through telecommunications or in the firm’s friendly office environment, he patiently helps individuals and couples understand their options. He explains what will be necessary to file a petition with a court, appear for a hearing or fulfill other requirements.

Those who choose to mediate a divorce or child custody arrangement benefit from persistent advocacy and personalized guidance that take into account individual circumstances.

How Can We Help?

Are you and your fiancé considering a prenuptial agreement? Do you need help enforcing a child support or custody order? No matter what is on your mind, you can make progress toward the completion of your family law objectives in a consultation with a lawyer handling Virginia family law cases. Call 703-972-6163 or email us to schedule an initial consultation.