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Child Custody, Visitation And Support

Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship Through Custody And Support

In times of family change, such as when a marriage is ending, parents must focus on new ways of exercising their rights and responsibilities as mothers and fathers.

You may need legal advice regarding child custody, visitation and support for one of these reasons:

  • You are approaching a divorce or separation from the child(ren)’s other parent
  • You have been cohabiting and raising a child; now you realize the importance of a custody and support order, in case of unexpected changes in your relationship
  • You are about to become a parent outside of marriage and wonder how to protect your coming child’s interests, as well as your parental rights
  • You have custody and support orders in place and need modification or enforcement of those orders

No matter what child-related concerns are on the agenda in your family, a family law attorney can guide you in the right direction.

At Huttar Law PLC in Warrenton, Virginia, listening to your goals and priorities will be the first step. If you decide to retain the firm for the remainder of your case, Mr. Huttar pledges to remain responsive and informative. He will make sure you understand what the law says. He will also interpret the relevant laws appropriately to your unique family circumstances.

Support And Custody Solutions For Your Family

Child support is typically determined with the help of a state formula. If there are reasons to ask a court to deviate from the formula, Mr. Huttar will gather supporting evidence to bolster your case, either for or against such deviations.

Custody and visitation, on the other hand, can be customized to your family. For example, maybe one parent works night shifts or is a member of the armed forces. Ideally, both parents can contribute to the creation of a parenting time arrangement that puts the child(ren) first and respects parents’ situations, too.

If you and the other parent do not agree on custody and visitation, you may need to resolve the dispute through mediation or in a family law court before a judge. To strengthen your case, attorney Ryan Huttar may bring in expert opinions from professionals like child psychologists. In some cases, a grandparent or another relative may be seeking custody instead of, or in addition to, a parent. Learn what these factors may mean to your family before and after child custody orders are finalized.

Put A Strong, Compassionate Advocate To Work For You

Attorney Ryan Huttar focuses on clients’ goals in accordance with the law. He helps them understand the practical implications of a family court’s emphasis on a child’s best interests. Call 703-972-6163 or email us through this website to schedule a consultation.