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Let Your Divorce Be A Beginning, Not An End

The outcome of your divorce can have a large impact on your quality of life for years to come. Legal details should not be ignored. For this reason, it is advisable to get a trusted lawyer on your side as soon as you suspect divorce is on the way.

Why should you entrust your family law matter to Huttar Law PLC? A large part of the answer has to do with attorney Ryan Huttar’s clear focus on clients’ best interests. He is ready to be the voice of reason and a persistent advocate in your corner through all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Divorce planning (if you are fortunate enough to have time to gather documents and put your affairs in order before a divorce petition exists)
  • Restraining orders if appropriate (sometimes having to do with real or perceived threats but more often having to do with protection of bank accounts and other practical matters)
  • Temporary spousal support and/or child support orders, to remain in place until the divorce is finalized
  • Preparing to file a petition against your spouse, or to respond to a petition of divorce
  • Solidifying mutually agreeable terms of your divorce (if you and your spouse are both amenable to reasonable negotiations)
  • Reaching decisions on property division, spousal support, child support, child custody and all related issues
  • Division of real estate, personal property, investments, financial accounts, debts and other components of your marital estate

Your divorce may be considered uncontested if the two of you agree on all points. Many couples believe this is the case but then discover areas of disagreement as the divorce comes closer. With Huttar Law PLC, you can sleep well at night with reassurance that Mr. Huttar is watching out for your best interests.

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